What We Do

Share the Good News of Jesus

At our base, Morning Star Church in India, we hold regular worship services and Bible studies for over 100 people. New churches have been planted in the surrounding area in recent years. We also have a fellowship group at a local charitable hospital where we hold Bible studies, do chaplaincy visits for patients and provide pastoral support to staff

Relieving Poverty

Morning Star Ministries also hosts a residential school for children from nearby slums across two sites. Currently, we have 40 children living with us and a further 40 who attend our day school plus 8 in further education. We believe that providing education is a crucial element in lifting people out of poverty and empowering them to succeed in life. We anticipate supporting many more children continuing into further education and vocational training in the future.

We follow the regional School Education Board syllabus so our children can obtain nationally recognised qualifications at GCSE ‘O’ and ‘A’ level equivalent. .

Our oldest boy Raj after enrolling at College to do ‘A’ levels said, “When I was little my mum and I used to beg outside this place. I never dreamed I would be studying here”. Having completed ‘A’ levels and a certificate in Theology, Raj is now undertaking a rehabilitation course with a view to working to help the marginalised.


Relieving Sickness and Disease/ Promoting Health

We facilitate health care for the children in our school. All our children receive necessary vaccinations and over twenty of them have been treated successfully for T.B. We also host dental clinics, vaccination clinics and heart check clinics to which members of the community are invited.

In addition we facilitate health care for other individuals who are known to us who would not be able to access suitable care without assistance, which might be financial or knowledge based.

Three years ago we flew Surjeet, a young paraplegic man (right hand picture above), to Chennai for a life saving operation and four months of rehabilitation. Now he is running a mobile Christian Bookstall and shares his testimony that… “God’s grace is sufficient for him.”

His brother Parmjeet is our medical worker. He ministers basic health care to our children and others in need.